Todos and Fixmes

Add the date to the actual entries at the bottom of the article.

Add some sort of preview, probably the first paragraph and/or limited to a certain number of characters. I may generate them every time the page is loaded and save some database redundancy, or I may just generate them once when an entry is posted and store them separately in the database.

I will also probably have to read through the markdown implementation I am using and see how it works. Maybe I can even improve a thing or two, who knows.

I also need some function to read yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss formatted dates from the database and convert them to a format lua can deal with, so I can then output it in whatever format I want.

Lastly, I am still not sure about adding images to the posts. There's a lot of potential problems with that, ranging from "How do I store them? files? database?" to "Do I really want to find a fitting image for everything I write?"

EDIT: Oh and of course I should add more random messages to the pool :)

Posted on Sun Jun 18 2017 at 01:00:25 CEST