Blog changes 4th of August '17

These last two days I changed the pages <main> to use a grid layout instead of the flex layout. For now this doesn't really change much, but it leaves the possibility of having sidebars if I ever want to add those.

I've also changed the way colours are represented when viewing a blog entry: Until now, the font-colour of the title was changed, which looked about as ugly as a website can get without gif-backgrounds, so I updated that to instead change the colour of the header bar. I will have to see how this looks with more colours, but so far it seems to work pretty well.

Last but not least, I also changed the <article> styling from a solid grey box with rounded corners to have a transparent background and a 1px light grey border without a border-radius.

Posted on Fri Aug 04 2017 at 14:08:00 CEST