About me

I usually go by the name of DarkWiiPlayer (believe it or not, that name was meant as a joke at first) and I enjoy Programming, Gaming, Anime, Conlanging and Worldbuilding.


I enjoy almost everything that has to do with programming. Some people find it terribly dry; I don't. My favourite programming (and scripting) language is Lua.
I also do Ruby, SQF (ArmA III) and every now and then a bit of C.


Some of the games I often play are ArmA III, Minecraft and Smite. I wish I had time for more games, but alas, I don't.


Just have a look at my MAL account, that should speak for itself.

Conlanging & Worldbuilding

I really like fantasy and SciFi worlds, so an obvious conclusion was to start building one of my own. So far I have a lot of incoherent snippets and sort of a timeline. Nothing worth sharing here.


I wouldn't call this a hobby, but I of course also listen to music (mostly while doing other things, specially coding). There are days when I listen to metal, other days I prefer electro and some other times I just listen to bethoven. When it comes to music my taste is really all over the place.