ArmA III admin/zeus scripts

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Here is a list of scripts that could be fairly useful when playing Zeus in ArmA III with access to the admin console (I may or may not update these in the future)

Deleting and Cleanup

Add all units of a certain side (ex.: independent) to every Zeus in the mission

{_y=_x; if (side _x == INDEPENDENT) then {{_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_y], false]} forEach allCurators}} forEach allUnits

Move a unit to the position of a specific Zeus (needs improving)

<unit> setPosASL (getPosASL (allCurators select 0));

Adds all dead units and all Players to Zeus. I often need to do one of the two and don't want to switch between two snippets all the time, so I just do both at the same time by dafault.

{_x addCuratorEditableObjects [allDeadMen+allPlayers, false]} forEach allCurators